Will Russia assist Iran or the US?

The murder of Gen.Qasem Soleimani , Iranian leader of famous Quds force is being considered as huge an incident as the Austrian crown prince, Duke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination in Sarajevo, which led to the First World War in 1914. It could birth severe political turmoil leading to a grave crisis. Soleimani’s killing was not an abrupt step, as the relations between the US and Iran were deteriorating for some past months.

The Iranian supreme leader vowed to avenge Soleimani, yet it is debatable if Iran would attack without considering the strength of the US army which could bring chaos to the whole country. It is a fact though that Iran is a regional power and has strong war machinery and an army, trained for all sorts of military encounters.  Because of these assets, Iran stands an example for all countries that the US went to war with since the Second World War ended. It seems so that Iran is likely to delegate small group attacks on America to deter Washington.

Many armchair critics have been fascinated by the assumption that Iran will have Russia’s unconditional assistance against the USA. This argument can be supported by examination of the political affiliation between Moscow and Teheran. Particularly, when Trump threatened Iran last May, Moscow made an official statement regarding the support of Teheran. Also, Russia is aware how significant it is to keep Iranian regime, without letting external forces cripple it, as Iranian stability is essential in preventing the participation of the US in the middle east.

More significantly, Moscow and Tehran have a common cause of protection of Assad’s regime in Syria. It is obvious that Russia wants to become a global player. President Putin brought this agenda up in 2007 and denied US domination in world politics. The military of Iran is Russia’s knight in the Middle East.

Moscow regarded Gen.Soleimani as a strategist who played a cardinal role and made Russian military presence, where Syrian army was decaying in 2015. Due to Russia’s air strikes Soleimani visited Moscow once more in 2017 to discuss bilateral cooperation of Russia with Sunni monarchies in Persian Gulf. This is good enough evidence to suggest the killing of Gen.Soleimani as a major loss to Moscow, as he could have further been used as a proxy for involvement of Russian in the Middle East.