Why do we need new weapons?

Russia has launched a new intercontinental weapon to operate at 27-fold sound level (“Russia is developing the first hypersonic missile unit,” Dec. 28). As well as launching this new weapon, Putin said that Russia is now leading the world in a new arms class creation.

But why do we need new weapons? Didn’t we see the effect of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan? The missile was burning every herb, every animal, causing cancer and leaving radioactive rain. Then why countries are still investing in new weapons technology.

Global leaders must avoid investing in nuclear and biological weapons in order to minimize the risk of driving people into poverty. What country owns them does not matter, as there is always a constant risk that the weapons that fall into the hands of terrorists.

World leaders need to invest in technology that can eradicate poverty, starvation, restore climate change, and enhance medicine. Only then will they come up with ideas to brighten the future of their people when all representatives find themselves responsible for their citizens ‘ future.