WHO reveals: There are around 1 million who are diagnosed with STD by every day

It has been stated by the World Health Organization that there are more than 1 million people who are diagnosed with STDs which is sexually transmitted diseases, every single day. The 4 common sexually transmitted diseases are chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and syphilis. The leading person of the report, Doctor Melanie Taylor who happens to be a medical epidemiologist and also works at the World Health Organization in the Department of Reproductive Health & Researcher. She told that the number of people being diagnosed with these cases indicates that people are very ignorant and at risk with their reproductive & sexual health.

Diseases which are transmitted during sex can be transferred not only vaginally, but also anally and orally. They are easily transmittable from the mother to their child during her pregnancy or while the childbirth. Sexually transmitted diseases can result in severe consequences which are often left without treatment. Women & men who have gotten the diseases during sex can develop infertility. There is a high chance of a stillborn baby being born when any women who have sexually transmitted diseases gives birth to it.

The head of the Drug-Resistant Infection Program in the UK, Doctor Tim Jinks passed the statement that many concerns have been raised about the super-gonorrhea. He told that there will be very commonality of the forms of gonorrhea which will be drug resistant.

Melanie passed the statement that the major reason why people are fearful of getting the diagnosis and proper treatment is the stigma and shame attached to it. She also mentioned that this is a hazardous epidemic. In addition to this, Melanie told that combatting the Sexually transmitted disease epidemic will be needing proper research and awareness.