What is the healthcare system in the United States at present?

For years, health care in the US has been a hot topic for debates.

Lawmakers have always argued over how much, how, and who the Americans should pay for their healthcare, from Medicare to ‘Medicare for all’

The Republican of the United States ‘Mark Pocan’ has been posting regular tweets on the support for the proposed ‘Medicare for All’ Act. He recently tweeted that without universal healthcare, the US is only a commercial country. The act ‘Medicare for all’ ensures that every person who lives in the United States has access to the all-inclusive benefits of healthcare. He further said that today’s hearing is a notable step towards actually making it happen.

The first question which arises is that what exactly ‘Medicare for All’ Act is

In April of 2019, the Sen. Bernie Sanders of United States revealed an update of ‘Medicare for All’ Act. According to Sander’s plan, there would be a creation of a system run by the government which would give provision of healthcare coverage to every single person residing in America.

As stated by an analysis by PolitiFact National, this new act would substitute private insurance, as well as, Medicare and Medicaid. There will be withering away from the Affordable Care Act. All of them will be replaced by a regime-run health insurance program. There will be no movement or shift in the veterans’ health system and the Indian Health Services will wither away. The new Medicare for All Act will be pretty similar to the earlier one, except for this version will be covering long-term care. Many queries about this program can be answered by the guide which has been created by PolitiFact National.

Sanders also stated in an interview that America is the only major country in the world who does not guarantee health care to all people as their right.