Venezuela will be holding massive marches for denouncing the biggest economic attack by the U.S.

After the announcement by the American President Trump on 6th August of a total United States economic blockade of Venezuela, their President Nicolás Maduro is now calling on people all across the world to stand with and support Venezuela on 10th August, with unity rallies.

On the same day, there will be holding off massive marches throughout Venezuela for denouncing the greatest economic attack they have ever encountered.

According to the illegal United States executive order, all the entities within America, as well as, worldwide, be it by any governmental, corporate or individual, will be avoiding to engage in any commercial, economic, or financial transaction with the government of Venezuela or any linked entity or individual.

On 6th August, the Vice President of Venezuela denounced the order of the American President as ‘very grave’. He stated the Trump has taken a very risky step against their homeland, creating the basis for a total stifling of Venezuela.

At the beginning of this year, the government of the United States seized the CITGO oil properties of Venezuela which were based in the U.S., and masses of billions of dollars in the money, gold, and property of Venezuela across the globe. The main goal of the United States is to overthrow the Maduro, as well as, the Bolivarian Revolution. The consistent attacks by Washington have failed.

Now, after the executive order of 6th August, there will be a complete ban or any types of interaction, be it be financial or commercial, with Venezuela.

There are just two exceptions to the executive order; the coup puppet of the United States, Juan Guaido, has stolen countless millions of the country’s resources, and the operations of the Chevron Oil in Venezuela, permitted for 3 further months.