USA Health Care Is Profit Oriented: Peter Fish Case Points Out

The head of Pfizer makes $26 million per year. The CEO for Bristol Myers-Squibb makes just shy of $19 million. The person that runs Walgreens, about $15 million every year. Telnet Healthcare, about $4 million every year. The normal beginning compensation in the United Sates for an instructor is around $38,000, and an educator with a more drawn out residency about $58,000. Presently I’m not saying that the CEOs of these organizations aren’t worth what they are getting paid, I’m only bringing up the imbalance of what educators get paid. Be that as it may, for what reason am I calling attention to out? An educator in California needs to go on an all-encompassing wiped out leave since she is doing combating bosom malignant growth. California will pay her through that leave yet deduct the expense of her substitution from her pay, around $200 every day.

This is enactment that has been on the books since 1976. Indeed, the bicentennial when everybody adored everybody, and we recalled what it felt like to have some American Pride. Well probably a few of us did. The beasts who pushed that through the California governing body unquestionably couldn’t have cared less about the general population that would construct the fate of this nation. I don’t know where and why this appeared to be a smart thought; I’m not by any means beyond any doubt how it’s been more than four decades old and we’re just barely finding out about it. In any case, this is genuinely one of the most diseased things I could consider: putting the weight on somebody who is battling malignant growth, somebody who has mounting medicinal obligations and now is looked with having 66% of their yearly compensation sucked up by paying the individual that fills in for them.

Envision that somebody place this into the school approach and left it there. Envision that in a similar express a football mentor that works inside the California framework needs to step away for a while from training so he can think about his youngster who is experiencing chemotherapy and he needs to pay for his substitution. What’s more, wouldn’t you say for a moment that somebody didn’t begin a Go Fund Me page to help relieve the obligation and the expense of the substitution. They did. In any case, really that just helps feed the beast rather than killing it.