US Department of HHS put the implementation of new rules for the protection of conscience on hold

An announcement was made on Friday by the United States Department of Health & Human Services that soon they will be holding off on the implementation of a new list or rules which would protect the medical workers from being forcefully participating in the procedures which violate their conscience, like abortions. The health workers will have to wait a little longer.

The new rules by the Health & human have already been written and their summary is explained below:

Since a long time, the US has been providing protections in healthcare for the entities & individuals on the basis of religious convictions or moral beliefs. Many such laws have been passed by the Congress which are applicable to the Department of HHS & the activities or the programs which it administers or funds, a few of which are subject to the current regulations of HHS. The existing regulations are revised by the final rule to ensure that the vigorous implementation of Federal conscience & anti‐discrimination laws appropriates to the Department, its programs, and recipients of Health & Human Service funds.

Funds by the federal government will be tied in order to comply with the rules. To be honest, these conscience protections are more of common sense and will be arriving after a long. But, not everyone is willing to allow physicians and doctors the right to obey their conscience.

A law action for blocking the rules, headed by the New York & California and joined by ten other states and cities claim that this new conscience protection will lead to giving the healthcare providers an open license for openly discriminating and refusing care to the patients.

This lawsuit has caused a delay in the implementation of the rules. We are hoping, this is truly a delay and not a precursor to the White House arguing the conscience protections for healthcare providers.