Gardens And Greeneries In Urban Communities

Urban communities are well-known for the high rates of pollution and the decline in health problems. This is why it is always required to find the best solutions and approaches to maintain a healthy community and environment.

A new study have showed that the change in the ecosystem could be the solution to such problem. This is through the increase in the greenery sites and adding more gardens which will rich the soil of the urban community to a more healthy and friendly one.

The results showed that healthy soil can lead to a healthy community in terms of the environmental health. Actions by community members, including farmers and garden enthusiasts have been ongoing for a year which are in favor of the hypothesis. They are focused on increasing the gardens in the community and observe the change in the overall health system.

The lead researcher, Jennifer Nicklay, who is a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota, commented saying, “We can benefit from how we manage the environment. Clean water, clean air, and agriculture benefit us, our waterways, and wildlife. We put a value on crop yield, which is all well and good. But in urban age, we’re in such proximity to other humans. The other benefits become really important to think of as a whole.”

It was found that the community is not motivated to invest in the greenery sites due to them not staying for long periods of time in the area.