Unheard voices from the civilians of the Rukban Refugee Camp, Eva Barlett reveals

Refugees in Syria who escaped the terrible conditions in the Rukban Refugee Camp were visited by Eva Barlett. This refugee camp is an isolated outpost in the United States administered the deconfliction zone. What she witnessed was very diverse from the ‘reality’ which is depicted by the Western press.

Almost a year ago, just after the Syrian army & its allies liberated the villages and towns around eastern Ghouta. I interviewed a lot of civilians that had borne life under jihadist rule.

A mutual theme emerged from the statements of those civilians: public execution of civilians, and starvation as a result of control over food supplies & aid.

In reality, terrorist groups which operated within areas of Syria that they conquer have had full control over aid and food, and plenty of documentation show

Eva Barlett reveals that they have gathered food and medicines for themselves. Even under improved circumstances, terrorist groups charged the hungry civilians disturbingly inflated prices for basic food substances, at times demanding up to 8,000 Syrian pounds for a Kg of salt, & 3,000 pounds for a bag of bread.

Given the Western press’ fanatical coverage of the lack of medical care & the starvation endured by Syrian civilians, its quietness has been deafening in the case of Rukban which is an isolated refugee camp in southeast of Syria where the conditions are terrible to such an extent that civilians are losing their lives as a result.

Being silent about the civilian evacuations from Rukban is probably a result of the fact that those doing the rescuing are the governments of Russia and Syria, also the fact that they have been doing so in the face of growing levels of opposition from the government of the United States.