UK pledges £130m for new tech to tackle debilitating diseases

The funding will support the Centres of Excellence in digital pathology and imaging with AI, adult social care, bioscience projects and more. People in the UK could benefit from faster diagnosis and better treatment for debilitating illnesses after the government revealed this week that it would invest over £130m in research for healthcare innovation.

This includes a £50m funding boost to support NHS diagnostic services and the work of the Centres of Excellence in digital pathology and imaging with AI, set up by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) last year.The industry and academia to create new products that enable early diagnosis of disease by leveraging advances in digital technology.

According to the government, the £50m will be allocated through a competition managed by UKRI between the four centres, helping to expand their work by partnering with more NHS trusts.

Adult social care will also receive a £7.5m boost for research to improve care delivery, while £14m will be used to fund bioscience projects and technologies that could, for instance, provide help in the treatment of osteoarthritis and developing vaccines.

“Supporting people to live long, healthy and independent lives is a fundamental value of our society and, as our population ages, one of the biggest challenges we face. This £133 million investment will tackle important chronic diseases and also create a national centre of evidence for implementing the best evidence to provide adult social care.”

This investment should help personalize NHS screening and treatments for cancer, eye disease and a range of other conditions, as well as freeing up staff time ON THE RECORD

The NHS has widespread world-leading technologies that can transform and save lives through new treatments, diagnosis techniques, and care.