To protect affordable healthcare, doctors from around the U.S. are making a national effort

In order to protect the affordable Medicare and healthcare, a team of over a fifty doctors from around the United States are going to make a national effort and are optimistic that they will be able to engage other physicians, as well as, voters in a political activism campaign.

The doctors made an announcement that on Thursday they will be giving joining in the committee for protecting the affordable healthcare and Medicare, whose leader will be Rob Davidson who is an emergency doctor, who ran for the Congress a year ago.

Davidson who happens to be a Democrat stated that he will be splitting his time between doing the practice of the medicine as well as volunteer for Chicago-based committee’s Executive Director. The major issue for Davidson was to protect the access to healthcare which can be afforded. He works as an emergency physician in Michigan.

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According to what was announced by the Committee, they will be holding the administration of Trump, as well as, political leaders of the Congress accountable if they try to threaten to take away the healthcare or make people deprive of the Medicare and if they refuse to take significant action to alleviate the high costs of prescription drugs, among other priorities of health.

Doctors from fourteen states have given joining in the committee inclusive of doctors from Florida, Maryland. New Mexico, Iowa, and Michigan.

Davidson passed the following statement: Doctors see how disturbing it can when patients are unable to afford to purchase medications or do payment for a possibly lifesaving test, and many of us have a realization that we can stay silent for any longer, not when the administration of Trump is very active in their attempts to take the healthcare away from masses of our American follow.”