Three-year Sustaining Donation of the Medicines Global sponsored by the Allied Feather & Down

On the 13th of June, in Los Angeles, an announcement was made by Medicines Global that Allied Feather and Down will be sponsoring the 3-year sustaining donation. Further advancements in the provision of services will be done by these donations to deliver the medicines which are much needed in those areas of the world which are developing.

The President of the Allied Feather & Down, Mister Daniel Uretsky, and the Creative Director, Matthew Betcher, were introduced to the Co-directors & founders of the Medicine Global, Janice Belson & Johanna by Ann Krcik who had been an advisor at Medicine Global since its beginning in 1999.

The introduction resulted in the creation of a strategic association between the Medicines Global and the Allied Feather & Down.

The 20-year programs of Medicines Global are inclusive of various deliveries of Nepal Rx Medicines, as well as, several other expeditions of international humanitarian relief.

Matthew Betcher passed the following statement: “Being the Sustaining Sponsor of the Medicines Global is a natural boost for the Allied Feather & Down. What counts actually is what is inside, which is the force which drives our company. The ground-breaking ideas that Medicines Global has developed for encouraging the adventure travel to provide basic supplies of first-aid wherever they move in addition with their hit programs of delivering experiences of wilderness for the young generation have given us excellent chance to join hands with the Medicines Global for creating a better, peaceful and healthy world.

Various outdoor manufacturers & The North Face have given sponsors for the international Rx deliveries of the Medicines Global.

In 1999, Medicines Global was developed for inspiring the adventurous travelers to return to the visited places by providing the basic first aid supplies to the isolated communities, as well as, medical centers.