Three sponsor countries: Turkey, Iran, and Russia Reaffirm unity and sovereignty of Syria

Turkey, Russia, and Iran, seen as the sponsors of the Astana process which contributes towards efforts to end the hostilities and politically settling the Syrian dispute, have given a reaffirmation of their adherence to the unity, independence, and sovereignty and the state integrity of Syria.

According to the Mehr News, Vasilenko stated that the high-level meeting is a demonstration of the efforts headed by the sponsor countries.

Three of these countries are considered as sponsors of a process which started in the beginning of 2017, and is inclusive of the Syrian government and Syrian opposition delegation of dissident groups.

Lebanon and Iraq are the new spectators of the Astana Process.

Iran, Turkey, and Russia have all agreed on the making of Idlib, which is situated in north-central Syria, a zone which is free of military. The sponsor countries are also concerned about the growing presence of the Kheyat Tahrir al-Sham, which is a terrorist organization in the region and said that they will be continuing their co-operations in the eliminations of other groups like Nusra, ISIS, and Jabhat and others.

Both Iran and Russia Bashar Al Assad, who is the President of Syrian government, who is the one heading a civil war as from the spring of 2011. The country is also hosting a prolonged war between terrorist groups and rebel, which has which has given rise to the displacement of over half of the population of Syria either around the world or within the country, as they seek status of refugee.

On 1st August, 1st round of negotiations was held by the Senior Assistant for Special Political Affairs of the foreign minister of Iran, Ali-Asghar Khaji along with his accompanying delegation within the framework of the Astana process with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin and Russian president’s Special Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev.

In spite of the continuing violence in Syria, countries like Iran are working towards development of the economy.