Thousands of guilt-free people gulped by the law enforcing system

Two major questions still exist regarding the shameful tradition of the police officers to plant substances which prohibited, either to enhance the performance statistics or to fulfill someone else’s order

First question: How did the police plant the drugs, how were the deceptions performed, and which tricks are employed to do that?

Second question: What’s wrong with our system which enforces the law? Why is there such widespread planting of drugs that any of us might fall victim to it?

When the dispersed Russian Federation’s Federal Drug Control Service, as well as, the police initiated utilizing this dirty trick? Whose involvement and inaction made this possible?

The global reputation of Russia, power of the national leadership, and fortune of thousands of people suffered in the framework of the ‘battle on drugs’ conducted by the state against its own citizens are at a risk.

We decided to do discussion regarding the incident which involved the journalist of with an officer who previously worked with FSKN. He agreed for this interview on the condition of his identity kept anonymous.

To the above-mentioned questions he responded as follows:

Firstly, for the plantation of drugs, the police need to get it which can be done in various ways. First one is commonly linked with hard drugs, synthetics, etc. The officer might capture any drug addict, seize the drug, and release him without filing any report.

The other way is to grow the drug like poppy straw or marijuana. Seeds and an abandoned field is required.

The third way is to make use of the operative or the trusted drug addict of the police.

There are various tricks. The most popular one is to plant by using the palm or the sleeve. But this one is not preferred by the young officers. They prefer the quick way. In that two officers run into a person, hit his legs or chest. The person is in the state of shock. Meanwhile, the sachet is planted to his bag or pocket. Then the person is asked if he has anything illegal. They then pull the drug out of his clothes