It is not hidden that the Trump administration embraced a patronage system that serves its interests to the detriment of the ordinary people through special interests and large donors. This corruption is perhaps no more illustrative than the question of drug pricing. President Trump has been committed to fighting the pharmaceutical industry and reducing prescription goods costs for a long time but he has avoided taking concrete measures to lower prices while filling top spots with business insiders throughout his administration.

The pharmaceutical industry has been progressing very quickly, and the race to increased gains has only worsened the situation And in the pharmaceutical world, this has led to certain serious problems, which are very complicated and concentrated in the United States country, with major pharmaceutical industries facing problems. The pharmaceutical industry in the country was accused of increasing drug prices to such an extent that people were not able to afford them. only to create greater gains from the raised prices.

Contamination and the use of cheap additives have been reported to be harmful in keeping production costs down and optimizing benefits for the drugs they sell and for other pharmaceuticals produced in the world. In the state of Arizona, there were convictions about that and some senior management of Insys Therapeutics was convicted of using a very poor and strong opioid for the use of it in the drugs manufactured by the company. They were also accused of making doctors financially aware of their medicines instead of any other company, with the most important reason for pissing out the health of a patient being completely overlooked.

Such cases have increased and this rise is evidence of the extent to which these companies are profiting and changing the entire industry, and we believe the nation needs to make some serious legislation to stop this.