The United States is the European Union’s 3rd largest supplier of LNG

Today marks the 1st anniversary of President Juncker & President Trump’s Joint Statement which launched the new turn in the relationship between the European Union & the United States.

An Exclusive Working Group was set up by the Presidents as a first step, Co-chaired by Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström & her counterpart United States’ Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, to work on the various tracks for co-operation identified in the Joint Statement.

Multiple concrete actions have been achieved one year on, taking the trillion-dollar transatlantic trade relationship to the next level. Today, a report was published on the implementation of the EU-U.S. Joint Statement of 25th July 2018, providing a synopsis of the progress made & illuminating the depth of the engagement between the United States & the European Union over the past year, both at the technical and political level.

On this occasion, Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission stated that the European Union is delivering on was agreed by him and President Trump on this day last year. We want a win-win situation on trade, which would benefit both the United States & the European Union. Having one of the most significant economic relationships in the world, we want to continue reinforcing trade between us based on the positive spirit of last July.

As from July 2018, the European Union has significantly increased its imports of liquefied natural gas from the United States by over 367 percent. Till now, in 2019, 1/3rd of all United States’ LNG exports have gone to the European Union. The United States is the third-largest supplier of LNG to the European Union, while the European Union has emerged as the primary destination of the United States’ LNG exports.