The United Kingdom urged by 66 NGOs of Africa to abandon opposition to the resolution regarding transparency of drug prices

Resulting from the constant resistance of various advanced countries at the World Health Assembly regarding a resolution of drug price transparency, to which Malaysia also sponsored, sixty-six African organizations contacted the government of the United Kingdom via open letters demanding it to put a stop at the opposition.

The letter which was delivered to Matthew Hancock and Rory Stewart, the sixty-six organizations said that they supported the whole resolution strongly.

To discussion regarding the transparency of pricing is on the agenda item number 11.7 i.e. the draft of the resolution which is the access to the vaccine & the medicine at the World Health Assembly (WHA).

Requests were made to the government of United Kingdom to stand in harmony with the people who are at risk of their loss of lives due to inaccessibility of the medicines, by stopping the resistance to the resolution.

It was asked via a tweet during the MSF Access Campaign what why Switzerland, UK, Japan, U.S., and Germany are creating barriers in the way of this transparency resolution.

It further said that the countries had the hopes of the possibility of negotiating the reasonable prices for the drugs without extracting information about the exact cost incurred for the manufacturing of the medicines and how much it cost for the clinical trials to be run, or who was the one who paid for the development of the medicines.

One of the main arguments used by the pharmacies to justify the high prices was that they said the cost of clinical trials is high. However, how can anyone justify by keeping those costs underground and then charging higher prices which further leads to lack of its access to the patients?

NGOs said that on Thursday the discussion regarding the resolution went informal which resulted in harsh resistance.