The United Kingdom stresses significance of political and economic reforms in ED govt

The U.K. has asked the Zimbabwe government to bring about the vital political and economic reforms they promised.

During a pronouncement of the latest U.K. Aid-supported humanitarian and resilience program, worth £49 million, Alok Sharma, the international development secretary, stated how the government of Zimbabwe must also assume accountability for the humanitarian disaster impacting its population.

Alok Sharma said how the food catastrophe situation in Zimbabwe is closely tied to the economic setbacks the country has to face, which has paved way for increased unemployment level and raised inflation.

“The Government of Zimbabwe must do more to deliver the promised fundamental political and economic reforms and take responsibility for the humanitarian crisis affecting its people,” he said.

He also assured how the U.K. was very much with the people of Zimbabwe during this tough time. He promised to continue providing families with food and drinking water and education for the children.

Recent harvests in Zimbabwe have been badly impacted by drought and the price of food has increased dramatically. Low water levels have also hit their chief hydro-electric plant, causing power cuts throughout the country. Furthermore, the country has been hit by Cyclone Idai, which impacted nearly 570,000 Zimbabweans.

In case of no support Zimbabweans, more than 5.5 million in number, will not have the food they require by year 2020.

The U.K. aid is intended to fund a humanitarian and resilience programme in Zimbabwe, which is expected to begin in October and stay in effect until September of year 2022. The programme is expected to assist about 440 000 Zimbabweans threatened with starvation.

It has been made clear, however, how no money will be directly given to the government of Zimbabwe by the U.K.