The path for ‘Medicare for all’ is paved by endorsing one of the primary pills of the act: government setting price controls

if you think of one common ground on which every Republican agree on when it comes to healthcare, it will be their opposition to ‘Medicare for all’. Otherwise termed as the ‘single-payer healthcare’, as well as, ‘socialized medicine’, ‘Medicare for all’ is a hidden way of saying that healthcare sector will be taken over by the government and it will be controlled by it from top to bottom.

When people get to learn what exactly the ‘Medicare for all’ entails, their support collapses. The immense increase in taxes, the loss of private-sector health insurance plans, and the limits imposed by the government of doctor visits and drugs are all major turnoffs. The American President ‘Trump’ will run against this new act regardless of which Democrat he is nominated against in 2020.

Though there is one issue. The way for the ‘Medicare for all’ is paved by the congressional Republicans and Donald Trump, by the endorsement of one of the main pillars of the act: the setting of price controls by the government on providers.

These days, most of the time, people think that the price control will be targeting the manufacturers of the drug, however, these alone aren’t the targets. Hospitals, doctors, as well as, ambulance services are also the likely targets of government price-fixing. There is variance in the form which the price control takes, however, there is always commonality in the end result: a price is set by the government instead of the market. The controlling price might seem like a binding arbitration with a stick or an average of other price controls from socialized medicine countries, or an inflation-adjusted price cap. These are all the means towards a similar end.

The case is similar to saying that if you cut your leg it will result in weight loss. It is true, however, it misses a much larger point.