The FDA has the authority to regulate stem cell products in the United States.

Cancer hiding genes?

Recently a study was published on a gene that could make immunotherapy treatment, a biological therapy to enhance the body’s shields to fight against cancer, which was identified by the research team at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre. It was found that if the DUX4 gene is injected in the body representing cancer cells, it can prevent cancer by being recognized as well as being destroyed by the immune system.

The research team was led by Dr. Robert Bradley and Stephen Tapscott, looked at various gene expressions of cancer patients having different types of cancer and DUX4 was identified which prevents immune cells from recognizing the cancer cells making the patients less responding to immunotherapy.

The fact is true that immunotherapy can be incredibly powerful against some of the untreatable cancers, but it isn’t effective yet for most patients. Taking science to the new horizons, as the researchers have claimed that the discovery including DUX4 and mechanism of immune system’s working to cure cancer can be a first step towards curing all types of cancer patients, this sure gives a new ray of hope to all the individuals.

In the early development, when embryonic cells need to evade detection, DUX4 is injected. The study suggests that to takeover a developmental program that suppresses anti-cancer immunity, DUX4 is expressed by cancer cells. This concludes that there is no increased risk of cancer in individuals with FSHD, showing that DUX4 is a driver to avoid cancer and not the one that causes cancer.

The era is moving towards a life-changing saving road with possibilities of success.