The Audit Chamber revealed that an average pensioner does not get money for clothing, leisure or traveling

During an interview, an auditor at the Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation, Svetlana Orlova, stated that after taking care of all the utility bill, as well as, expenses of medicines, an average pensioner in Russia has about $100 for food for the whole month which is equivalent to $3 per day. According to her calculations, the cost for the footwear, clothing, as well as, leisure or traveling was not taken into account.

Orlova told that the average pension in Russia, which now equals to around $215, which of course cannot provide an older person who has medical expenses as well, with a decent living standard.

It was also observed by the auditor that an average of $76 is normally spent on the communal & housing services, $30 is spent on the essential medicines required by a senior person, and not less than $15 is spent on items for personal hygiene.

It was also noted by the Audit Chamber employee that the average salary in the majority of the regions in Russian Federation ranged from $310 to $380, while the pension is not inclusive of the whole salary but in fact and it is made up by doing deductions from these salaries.

According to the Auditor, the adoption of the federal program on providing support for the senior citizens which is included in the national project ‘Demography’ can bring numerous betterments in the current situation.

A year ago, a decree was signed by the President of Russia ‘Vladimir Putin’ on the establishment of the country until 2024, after which there was the development of 13 national projects. The head of the audit chamber reported that there hasn’t even been the initiation of implementation of more than 20% of the project.