Taste and Pain Are Connected Through The Brain According To A New OU Study

The brain is the center of the body where all sensory organs are connected to. It controls all the sense of the body making it possible for the human to perform all their functions. It is well known that the brain is connected to the taste buds in the mouth and the pain receptors throughout the whole body.

However, unexpectedly, a study conducted in the University of Oklahoma by the team of neuroscientists, showed that there might actually be a connection between taste and pain in the body. The observation included a discovery of a pathway that connects both senses. Pain in this theme falls under the food temperature.

The reaction of the brain has showed that the circuits in the brain used to react with taste buds, is the same used for pain reception. The discovery was a huge groundbreaking observation which shock the science platforms. The team of scientists were able to obtain a $1.6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health with a five year clearance for further development in the study.

Dr. Christian Lemon, the lead author of the study commented saying, “”We originally aimed to look at how sense of taste works with thermal sensation in this study to better understand how taste is connected to food preferences, health and well-being. Taste is also closely tied to emotion and understanding how the brain processes different tastes is significant on several levels.”