Tafenoquine Tablets Now obtainable in the US as the foremost Prescription Drug for Malaria Prevention

According to a press release, tafenoquine (Arakoda) is now available in the US, the first prescription medicine recommended for adult malaria prevention. Tafenoquine has the ability to eliminate the effects of malaria for thousands of US travelers and military personnel.

In a quote, Geoffrey Dow, Chief Executive Officer of 60P Pharmaceuticals, said “Malaria is one of the most dangerous diseases on the rise in the USA and other parts of the world. ‘ This poses an important risk for millions of healthy people traveling to areas where malaria is endemic, including leisure travelers, NGO employees, industrial and business workers, and military personnel. ‘

Tafenoquine was the first malaria prevention antimalarial drug authorized in more than 18 years. The approval culminated in many years of scientific research and discovery conducted with more than 25 clinical trials and 3000 participants by experts in malaria and infectious disease.

In one of the multicenter, randomized trials, 522 patients with Plasmodium vivax, a protozoan parasite, and the most common cause of recurrent malaria are enrolled in the New England Journal of Medicine.2

In the tafenoquine category, more than 62% was free of recurrence at a rate of six months compared to about 28% in the placebo group. In patients with phenotypically ordinary glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity, the study showed a significantly lower risk of P. vivax recurrence than placebo. 2

Malaria is a life-threatening disease transmitted by the infected mosquito bite that, according to the CDC, caused approximately 429,000 deaths and 212 million medical cases in 2015. Cases of malaria were on the increase among travelers returning to the US.

Tafenoquine was first delivered substantially to the United States Army in September 2019. The drug is now available on the market through selected shops and pharmaceutical wholesalers.