Swissmedic introduces a new process for approval of vaccines by streamlining the process of approval for the Infectious diseases vaccines:

Swissmedic, which is the Swiss Agency for the Therapeutic Products, just recently introduced a change in its current approach to the authorization of products that are used for the prevention communicable diseases. They introduced a new policy on this regard.

Swissmedic has now decided, under its new policy, to allow the companies that make vaccines for the Infectious or communicable diseases that are already approved in the United States or in the European Union to follow a streamlined pathway for their approval. This means that if those vaccines are approved in either United States or in European Union, they will follow the same steps for their approval in Switzerland.

This new approach adopted by Swissmedic, extends the flexibility that it provides to the developers of drug companies who want to bring their vaccines in to the markets of Switzerland.

The pathway after this policy’s introduction can be considered open to all new substances that have already been approved in the United States or in European Union, for the prevention of all the communicable diseases that may lead to any sort of serious harm or suffering and may even pose serious threats of fatal outcomes.

The filing for the approval of such vaccines in the state of Switzerland, are to cover the similar indications in which the vaccines were approved or authorized in the US or in EU.

This streamlined pathway that became available in the year 2020, also talks about how the organization can make use of other foreign authorization rulings as well without jeopardizing their states’ patients safety.

Swissmedic believes that the biggest change is the help in the improvement of the primary prevention and also in the contribution of it to the protection of the public’s health.