Suicide rate hit the highest record in Australia since a decade

According to the report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in September, the suicide rate in the country has hit the highest record for a decade. The report said that more than 3000 people committed suicide in Australia in 2015, which makes it over 8 people die each day of the year. This equates to a person dies every three hours.

The figures showed suicide to be the leading death cause among individuals aging 15-44 years old. This accounts for one-third of all deaths. The statistics, moreover, showed that the suicide rate among men is thrice the rate of suicide among women.

According to a report released by Lifeline, it was suggested that 60 percent of the Australian population has been admitted to often experience feelings of loneliness.

Peter Shmigel, the CEO of Lifeline, said that although medication is being prescribed for mental illness, way more than the past, which includes doubling the use of antidepressants since 2002 but the social factors that contribute to these mental illnesses are not being combated.

One of the significant factors that contribute to the mental illness of men is that they are repeatedly asked to hide their emotions and to act like men.

The culture demands men to hide their feelings and keep their anxieties and fears t themselves to be manly and this ideal is perpetuated with phrases like “boys are not supposed to cry” and “man up”. And thus it can get difficult to manage work pressure under this situation.

It was suggested that there should be checks annually on the mental health of executives and see how they are being affected by the expectations of their superiors, and the work pressure.

It is estimated that the economy is affected by $11 billion by mental health each year. The underperformance and absence of the workers are the major factors contributing to this loss.

It is high time that we start looking after our fellows. Mr. Shmigel said that instead of asking an individual what is wrong with them, we shall ask how are things happening for you and what can we do to show our support.