Study Shows Than Middle School Kids Have High Cholesterol and Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease related to the blood glucose level in humans. It is developed from the lack of ability of the body to cope with the sugar levels; whether high or low. Another disorder that is very common and related to nutrition is high cholesterol which is might cause many different cardiovascular diseases.

A new study conducted between middle school kids has shown an observation that almost one third of middle schoolers suffer from abnormal glucose levels and cholesterol. This was a weird observation as such diseases are not common between young aged humans. A few students had their glucose levels HbA1c the same range as a diabetes patient.

The study recommended to enforce regular checkups on blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels to help maintain a healthy life for the kids. This recommendation was set a long time ago by the American Academy of Pediatrics and other major medical organizations

Author of the study, Robert Siegel stated, “We were shocked with the diabetes screening results,” Dr. Robert is the director of the Center for Better Health and Nutrition at Cincinnati Children’s. He concluded, “Most studies show that around 20 percent of kids will have abnormalities, so we weren’t too surprised by the results of the lipid screening. Our message is to get screened, eat right, and get out and play.”

42% of all participants in the study were overweight. Some of the students did show high levels of glucose and cholesterol greater than 200 mg/dl. Some students had HbA1c levels greater than 6.5, which is considered as diabetes.