Stigma is Europe’s most significant hurdle to prevent the spread and treatment of HIV

A recent study by the London College of Hygiene and medical specialty has calculable that more than 50% million gay and bisexual men are not able to access prep, the HIV-preventing drug, in Europe. Pre-Exposure bar (PrEP) could be a drug that’s taken by someone who is HIV-negative, to stop them from exploiting the HIV virus. In many extensive studies across Europe and any abroad, the proof suggests that the drug is incredibly useful in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV.

However, in Europe, the drug has been at the center of discussion and tilt, mainly once it involves funding the drug for alleged ‘at risk’ population teams. Men who pair with men are 22 times additional in danger of exploiting the virus, in keeping with UNAIDS, with rates of HIV transmission in Europe being the best amongst these strata of the population. Yet, additionally to funding, may social group preconception even have it is half to play in limiting the access of this drug for Europeans who want it the most?

Currently, 14 countries in Europe give free access to prep, either through their public health sector or insurance. The speed at that the drug has been enforced across Europe is quite shocking, as long as in 2016, France was the sole country to be giving the medication out without charge. Funding was definitely a significant issue known by the London College of Hygiene and medical specialty. The foremost common reason provided by countries within the study for not implementing free access to prep was the value of the drug.