Stem Cells Therapy Used To Cure Kidney Diseses

The kidney is an important part of the human body which is an organ used mainly for extracting waste minerals from the body through urine. Many different reasons can cause kidney failure or other types of problems that can shut off the kidney. Humans can still function with only a single kidney. However, at some cases, losing both kidneys is the challenge, where the only solution is the kidney transplant.

This is an expensive and long operation that needs a good match for a donor. However, a new study conducted by the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), by a team of researchers which have found a new method to treat cells in the kidneys. This method has showed that kidneys might be recovered before failing or collapsing; making the need for transplant eliminated.

The approach includes the use of stem cells of the human body to recover the functions of the affected cells. The study was led by Ph.D. holder James J. Yoo, which is a professor in regenerative medicine. He commented on the results saying, “Our results indicate that this type of stem cell could be used as an off the shelf universal cell source and may provide an alternative therapeutic strategy for patients suffering from this chronic and debilitating disease.”

The study and the results were published in an online journal by the name of Tissue Engineer Part A. It shows the change in the affected cells after the treatment using stem cells.