States determinedly after the Big Pharma Companies to make them Pay for Opioid loss

Across the United States, senseless deaths continue to erode the lives of many due to the opioid crisis. Majority of those got addicted to the substance did not purchase heroin from a shady guy in a long coat at the back of the alley, but developed addiction due to other health issues which were accompanied by the prescribed drug by their doctors.

At present, numerous states have begun lawsuits against the manufacturers of opioid in addition to the pharmacists and physicians to sue for the losses. One major state is Oklahoma where the Attorney General has accused the renowned Johnson & Johnson of using misleading marketing practices for the oversupplying of opioid pain medications. The case marks the beginning of proceeding of numerous such lawsuits to the trial.

In the past, Oklahoma State had settled two suitcases by big dollar amounts. First of all, Purdue Pharma agreed to pay $270M in order to run the treatment program and addiction research in the state. Followed by that was the Teva Pharmaceutical who agreed to the paying of $85M for the settlement and avoided going to the trial. Even though Teva refused to take any responsibility for their liability, their resistance to taking the stand shows they have less than above board practices.

Finally, the major firm Johnson & Johnson is the last in the state to get proceed to the trial level. At least given the way firms are treated as human beings in under the law of the United States, Janssen Pharmaceuticals which is a division of Johnson & Johnson, stated that they did want to proceed to trial as they do not agree with that the interpretation of this new law where the manufacturers are held responsible for the opioid addiction. They might set a distressing precedent for almost 2000 other lawsuits which were filed by various other states against the manufacturers of opioid.