Social Behavior For Brain Injured Patients Shows Better Results With Animal Assitance

Some diseases and disorders in humans are being treated by new alternative ways. This includes  the use of animals to assist patients with disorders including Alzheimer, blindness or for elderly care. One other reason for the use of animal assistance is for people who suffer from brain injuries, who need help in social transactions and behaviors.

A recent study was focusing on testing the social behavior of patients with rain injuries. Different methods were used to help attain and manage the social levels  and behaviors. The study showed results that prove that the use of animal assistance for therapy for brain injured patients is the best medicine to help manage and control their social behaviors.

The study was conducted by a team of psychologists from the University of Basel led by, Dr. Karin Hediger from the University of Basel in Switzerland. The use of animals  have shown that that the patients are more motivated and engaged in the process of therapy.

Better results were noticed from the patients who used animal assistance as part of their treatment from brain injuries. Dr. Karin commented on her results saying, “The results suggest that animal-assisted therapy can have a positive effect on the social behavior of patients with brain injuries. Animals can be relevant therapeutic partners, because they motivate patients to care for the animal. Secondly, animals provide a stimulus for patients to actively engage in the therapeutic activities.”