Salmonella typhimurium a danger which should be cured.

Although there’s no routine salmonella observance in cows within the UK, it’s turning into an increasing drawback in herds across the country.

An outbreak will have serious price implications for the business, together with high abortion rates, high calf mortality, reduced growth rates and depressed fertility in animals that do overcome the infection.

It is extremely an animal disease, as farm vet Harry Collas is aware of only too well, having been infected by microorganism himself when conducting a post-mortem on an infected cow

Salmonella bacteria will infect cows, poultry, pigs and humans. They will be transferred directly from one infected animal to a different, or through an infected animal shedding the organisms on to feed or water troughs, that are then eaten.

Infection has many clinical symptoms, and in extreme cases will cause mortality. There are quite a hundred strains of salmonella; however there are 2 to remember of for your herd.

Salmonella national capital (S dublin) is that the commonest kind related to abortion in cows within the UK, and features a high carrier standing.

This means that when infected, an oversized proportion of animals can fail to clear it, shedding later to more bacteria microorganism.

Salmonella typhimurium isn’t as common as S national capital, however is usually coupled to abortion following blood disease and inflammation in freshly calved cows.