Russia’s Bogdana Osipova’s health is Grimly Worsened In the custody of United States

The mother of Russian national Bogdana Osipova, who has been kept in custody in the United States since 2017 and on Thursday, he was informed about 7 prison years for parental kidnapping, Yuliana Philipyuk, told Sputnik that her daughter’s health had been seriously undermined during her time in prison.

The US court found the Russian national guilty of illegally taking her two children from the United States to Russia, without having obtained permission from her husband, a US citizen, and then extorting child support from him.

“It was not bad enough that she was bullied during the arrest, they caused huge damage to her health,” Philipyuk said.

According to Osipova’s mother, the Russian national had been temporarily debilitated with the help of medicines and then had to undergo treatment for eight months.

“Bogdana is still suffering from memory loss … I am very proud of her,” Philipyuk added.

Philipyuk and Osipova’s aunt, the guardian of the woman’s children, who are now living in Russia, said that they would not give up fighting for Osipova’s release.

“We have a desire to continue fighting for her release,” the aunt told Sputnik.

Osipova’s stepfather, Antony Philipyuk told Sputnik that the sentence to Osipova was, first of all, a punishment for her children who had been left without a mother.


During the trial, Osipova told the court that she had nearly died during her time in detention, but the prosecution mocked the woman, saying that her relatives were coming up with theories that she had been poisoned. The woman also said she planned to renounce her US citizenship and return to Russia.


Osipova was arrested in the US state of Kansas in 2017 after she returned to the United States to request full custody over her children. In March, a jury found the woman guilty on three out of five counts of indictment.

The judge and Osipova’s ex-husband are demanding that the children be returned to the United States.