Russian Journal forced to retract 800 papers due to investigation

Academia-related journals are retracting over 800 papers as a result of insight indicating an illegal publication of a commission that Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) appointed. This news comes following many other allegations which would imply the Russian work was plagiarized.

The response given by RAS following the news was a complete “bombshell”, according to former staffer at US the U.S. National Science Foundation and the author of a recent book on U.S.-Russia science cooperation. The report stated that these acts will do nothing but further strengthen the rumors of the populace and that the country was not going down the right path and was instead, inflicting wounds upon itself. Sher was quite pleased for the commission into the investigation by the RAS.

Among the nearly 6000 journals of academia, most of which are written in Russian, are held in high esteem by the nation’s educated elite. In 2019, a research indicated that authors of Russia publish way more domestic journals than anywhere else. However the bar is not set up very high. In March 2018, for instance, Dissernet, a network aimed at cleaning up the Russian literature, identified more than 4000 cases of plagiarism and questionable authorship among 150,000 papers in about 1500 journals.

In addition, the authors from Russia often publish their work multiple times, according to Yury Chekhovich, CEO of Antiplagiat, which is a company that is focused on anti-plagiarism. During September, after going through about 4.3 million studies printed in Russian, the company discovered that over 70,000 of the works were published at least twice, with a few going as far as even 17 times! As is the case, it seems that plagiarism runs rampant in Russian literature, as the is clear evidence of studies and books being published many times.