Russia asked Uganda for increasing the exports

Russia has asked Uganda to take advantage of the $28b Russian fresh foods market by increasing her exports to the eastern Europe country.

Speaking at the opening of the Uganda Moscow Expo, early this week, Alexander V Kopkov, the director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, said Uganda’s trade volumes with Russia were regrettably tilted, noting that trade in 2018 was worth $74m (Shs176.6b) of which 86 per cent accounted for Russia’s exports to Uganda.

“I would like to call upon Uganda to take the necessary steps to increase her exports to Russia to balance trade,” Mr Kopkov said.

Uganda’s exports to Russia comprise primary products such as cashew nut, coffee, tea, spices and tobacco. Uganda imports wheat, metals, spare parts and medicines from Russia.

On a separate note, Mr Johnson Olwa Agara, Uganda’s ambassador to Russia, said Uganda was keen to increase her trade volumes, especially in the area of fresh and organic food products, fruits and all year round tourism.

The drug labelling issues in Russia: This is now the number one topic in nation’s pharmaceutical industry, and the number of those who doubt the successful launch of labeling is increasing every day, according to a web posting by the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (ARPM)

Viсtor Dmitriev, general director of the ARPM, speaking at the annual conference “Labeling in the pharmaceutical industry,” noted that “the law said that data would be donated, we hope it will be like that. Be that as it may, over the span of the examination an entirety of 50 kopecks showed up, in addition to VAT for one code. From one perspective, the sum is little, however in the absolute volume of the medication showcase this is 3.5 billion of the Russian Currency ($54.4 million)a year. “