Russia and Iran determined to strengthen technology ties.

Sorena Sattari, the Vice President of science and technology stated that both Moscow and Tehran are enthusiastic to expand their relationship even further in the field of technology.

In Moscow, in an address to trade meeting, the Vice President mixed up to strengthen ties between Tehran during this space the cooperation of either side within the field of technical school has been establishing through a particular mechanism over the past years.

He mentioned that he’s wishing that new areas which include airspace, biotech, nanotech, cognitive sciences  and energies will be able to provide Iran and Russia with a much better hope to make further enhancements in the region.

Furthermore, the Vice President also referred to the presence of more than 4400 knowledge-based companies in Iran and mentioned that these companies can be a place of origin for a lot of opportunities for not just Iran but also the Foreign investors for making an investment.

Companies in Asian countries have already created huge progress within the field of life science, he stated, adding that these days folks from Turkey, Russia, and varied alternative regional states obtaining treatment from medicines that are factory-made by Iranian biotech corporations.

Sattari noted that a number one Iranian-based firm has effectively managed to manufacture medicines to treat a minimum of four incurable diseases, labeling the accomplishment as a novel one in Western Asia.

Meanwhile, Ambassador of Iran to Moscow took the theater within the meeting and declared that Russia and Iran are developing their ties in varied areas over the past few months, however, the 2 sides ought to expand their mutual ties and amidst this us sanctions.

It was further said by Mehdi Sanaee that both Iran and Russia should enter into the current economic volume to improve their mutual relations.

The latest Eurasia agreements signed between the economic union and Iran was given as a reference by him and he also said that this agreement can path ways for further expansion of economic relations between the Islamic Republic and its neighbors in the North.