Russia affirms presence of radioactive matter in missile test blast

On Saturday, the authorities confessed how an explosion which recently took place at a weapons testing range in Russia consisted of radioactive matter. The announcement was after the death count from the blast increased and after and the signs of a potentially upcoming radioactive emergency became more difficult to hide.

A report released on Saturday at 1 A.M., Rosatom, Russian nuclear energy firm, stated that 5 of their workers had experienced their demise together with 2 military workers previously proclaimed dead, following the test which took place on the morning of Thursday. Rosatom stated how the accident took place while testing “isotopic power sources in a liquid propulsion system.”

The report by Rosatom did not, however, clarify what it was, exactly, that detonated at the White Sea testing range on Thursday.

It failed to talk about the use of the propulsion unit, even though Vladimir V. Putin, the President of Russia, had previously bragged about how they generated a nuclear engine for long-range missiles. Apparently there was no explanation for why there had been reports of a rise in radiation levels by a city close-by, for the short period numerous hours after the blast.

Even though the Russian govt. has provided no explanation of what went down, the statement by Rosatom implied a mishap during the trial for a new nuclear weapon that Vladimur Putin first mentioned the previous year.

According to a statement, the deaths of the workers were a consequence of an accident that took place at a testing area in Arkhangelsk region.

“According to several Russian Defense Ministry sources, all the clothes of those who were wounded have already been burned,” stated a report by Baza. “The same has been done with the hazmat suits and clothes of the doctors who first helped the victims.”