Resignation submitted by the Russian Prime Minister to the President, reported Tass

A piece of shocking news was reported by the Tass news agency on Wednesday. The news agency reported that a resignation was submitted by the Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.  The resignation seems to have been submitted on Wednesday.

The exact cause behind the sudden resignation of the Prime Minister is, however, still not clear.

The news agencies across Russian reported that Medvedev was thanked by the President, for his services to the country and the Russian people. It was, however, noted by the President that the various goals and objectives that were set for the cabinet of the Prime Minister were not fulfilled by them, which was displeasing and discouraging.

It was reported by the Russian media that the President is planning to select Medvedev for the post of presidential Security Council’s deputy.

Medvedev has been an ex-president himself. He served as the President of Russia for one term i.e four years, from 2008 to 2012. After Putin’s coming to power and winning the 2012 presidential election, he has been serving as the prime minister, from 2012 up till this January 2019 and has been an associate of Putin for quite a long time.

The members of the cabinet of Medvedev will, however, not quit their jobs until the President form a new cabinet. They were asked by Putin to not stop working yet.

Medvedev resigned from his position as the country’s prime minister after President Putin addressed the nation in the annual state on Wednesday. An amendment of the constitution was proposed by the president during his address, to give more power to the prime minister and his cabinet members.

Analysts see this movement of Putin as an effort to save himself a new power position after the end of his current presidential term in 2024.