Release of an interactive map which reflects the unequal distribution of VA healthcare access in the United States

The veterans have long been concerned about the inequality in access to the Veteran Affairs facilities regarding healthcare. Between the veterans and the advocates, there have been so many debates over the ways to deal with this increasing issue as VA facilities have faced difficulties in trying to keep pace with an arrival of the service members whose visits in Afghanistan or Iraq for the duty purpose have left them having need of being taken care of.
The core of the issue is the time which is taken for the patients for traveling from their houses to any VA facility. In January, new rules were proposed by the administration of Trump that would allow the veterans who reside nearby to opt rather than private care. This plan is anticipated to be followed this summer.
In spite of where you are standing on the latest plan, it is evident that access to the VA facilities is extremely uneven within the country, and that veterans, especially of those in the Western side of the country, have to carry a burden of greater than average distances times of transportation.
Now, there is going to be a release of a new interactive map which would highlight those areas which are more severely affected. The map makes use of a color spectrum of red, light gray, and navy blue to determine the amount of time it would take to drive from each census-allotted place in the U.S. to the closest medical facility.
If you use the option of zooming into the map and then click on any of the points, you can view further details about the allotted area inclusive of the distance of the trip, the time it would require and the name of the nearest VA facility, as well as the veteran population of the specific area, and the overall share of the veterans of the entire population.