Providence and Cedars-Sinai Expand Healthcare in the San Fernando Valley

Southern California’s two primary nonprofit healthcare organizations have decided to collaborate on a joint venture that will have ownership and operating rights at Providence Tarzana Medical Center.

Providence St. Joseph Health and Cedars-Sinai have agreed to come together to add to the multitude of highly skilled medical workers, specialized healthcare services and sophisticated health programs for the Tarzana community.

The new name for the medical center will be Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center. Here Providence will retain control of interest in the medical center, which will keep up its Catholic identity while celebrating the cultural and religious diversity.

Providence and Cedars-Sinai will continue on this project together to build-out and redevelop the Tarzana campus. These developments will include a new patient-care tower with private rooms, an expanded Emergency Centre, latest diagnostic and treatment facilities, along with advanced outpatient and ambulatory facilities that already under development. Upon its completion in 2022, the  brand new hospital will indeed be most coveted as a medical center for the area.

President of Operations, Mike Butler, iterated that, “We are incredibly excited about this partnership,” He further added that, “Rather than duplicating resources, we are working together to bring the latest, state-of-the-art advances to the community. It’s an innovative way to invest in the healthcare needs of the future to ensure high-quality, affordable care for those in need.”

This joint project will further expand on primary and specialized healthcare services on the Providence Tarzana campus as well as lead to development and research in other programs, including cardiology, oncology and gynecology. For specific services, such as those requiring care of transplant patients, the partnership will provide consistent healthcare that ensures that patients always have access to high-quality care during each phase of the curing and healing process.

Thomas M. Priselac, Cedars-Sinai president and CEO, said that the combined resources and talent of the two organizations will enhance the continuum of care offered throughout the area.  He said, “Our joint vision is driven by a dedication to provide residents of the San Fernando Valley with convenient access to an expert community of physicians who deliver the highest quality clinical care”. He further added, “We’re delighted that this partnership will have such a meaningful impact on the health of our region.”

In the upcoming year, patients will begin to reap the extended benefits and facilities of the new Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center as both organizations have begun to brainstorm on ideas for offering a wider range of services to the populace of the San Fernando Valley.

Erik G. Wexler, chief executive, Providence St. Joseph Health Southern California  has claimed that, “By 2022, the greater San Fernando Valley community will see the completion of a best-in-class medical center campus,”. He concluded by saying that, “This is an exciting time as we usher in a new era in healthcare for the communities we serve.”