Presidential candidates get pounced by Trump’s tweet for supporting covering healthcare of illegal immigrants in the USA

Traveling in Asia to attend a G20 summit, The President of USA ‘Donald Trump’ banged ten Democratic candidates on Thursday for promising to cover healthcare for the immigrants who reside in the US after entering into the country illegally.

During a television show in Miami, Presidential candidates were asked by a moderator, inclusive of the previous Vice President ‘Joe Biden’. Pete Buttigieg who was the Mayor, Senator Kamala Harris, if they were in the favor of supporting the covering of healthcare for the immigrants who are living in the United States illegally if they were elected President.

All ten of the presidential candidates raised their hands in the positive on the stage.

Trump who had made cracking down on the illegal immigration his signature presidential policy threw remarks via Twitter that all those Democrats who just raised their hands in affirmative for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare. How about considering taking care of American Citizens first? This is the end of that race.

Trump has pledged to build up a wall alongside the United States border with Mexico and has announced a national emergency over those people who cross into the US from the South.

Trump is in Japan, meeting with the leaders of the world at G-20 summit, however, as is habitual for him whenever he travels overseas, he seems to be interested at least in some of the ongoing-on back in the country.

Meanwhile his meeting with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, he couldn’t resist mentioning the Democratic debate. He said that there has been a debate going on. Their first debate took place last night. I’m sure, not sure if you saw it but it was not very exciting, that I can tell you.