President Trump advising Americans to get Drugs From Canada

The President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump has an ironic solution for lowering the punishing costs of the prescription of drugs in the country.

He wants the Americans to buy their medicines and drugs from Canada, a country having a health-care system that Mr. Trump has often derided in the past as a socialist failure.

Mr. Trump with this behavior is encouraging at least the people in need of drugs to cross the country’s southern border searching for a better life.

In a time when the politics of America is providing very little in terms of grace, people should savor this moment but Canada, too, has issues with expensive pharmaceuticals.

There are plenty of uninsured Canadians who are unable to afford their medicines, or who choose to skip doses for saving money, hence putting their health at danger. The Liberal government wanted to implement the pharmacare, which is similar to medicare, that would make all the prescription drugs free, however, that is still a long way off but Canadians are still luckier than Americans.

A study done in 2017 by the Commonwealth Institute has shown that the U.S. has spent the most in the world, every year on pharmaceuticals which is 1,011 U.S. dollars per capita.

This is significantly greater than the second-place Switzerland that has been spending 783 U.S. dollars per capita. Canada is placed at number fourth, with an average spending of 669 U.S. dollars per a person. As compared to almost all the other developed countries, the Canadian drugs are very expensive. But when the comparison is made with the United States, their drug spending is very low.

That is not because the Americans are using more medicines but because they are paying far more for each pill.