Pharmaceutical firms in the United States file lawsuit against the new approved, Television Advertisement law of disclosing price lists

A new regulation on ads has been approved by the Department of Health & Human Services of the United States which got finalized on the 8th of May, as a part of government’s attempt for bringing down the expense for the consumers in America. According to the new rule, which will be taking effect in the month of July this year, the manufacturers of drugs are compelled to disclose the prices at present of their prescription drugs directly on television advertisements so that the viewers can know the exact prices of the drugs as well.

This new requirement has alarmed many of the drugmakers. Various associations of National Advertisers have filed a lawsuit combined.

The pharmaceutical firms are against this new rule since the list prices not always necessarily represent the actual retail price which the consumers, as well as, the patients pay as it does not include the discounts and other rebates which are offered to the clients by the drug firms.

One of the national advertisers stated that not only does the new rule/regulation gives birth to various concerns regarding freedom of speech, but it also commands an approach which fails to take into account the differences among the treatments, insurance, as well as, the patients themselves. This is particularly very clear in placing the list prices without the considerations of other payment commissions.

Apart from that, the list price does not instantaneously respond to the major question of every patient who purchases drugs. How much money will I have to pay in order to get my prescribed medicine? This question will be raised. The Department of Health & Human Services has not yet responded to the request for an answer.