Pharmaceutical Asset Management Market by Product, Application, Pharma – Global Analysis and Forecast to 2024

The Pharmaceutical financial management market is expected to reach $ 35 billion by 2024 from $ +7 billion in 2018, with a CAGR + 31%. The base year calculated for the study is 2018 and the estimated period is 2019 to 2024.

The objectives of this study are as follows:

  • Identify, forecast, and forecast based on product, applications, and regions in the global health financial management market
  • Provide comprehensive information (drivers, restraints, opportunities, and constraints) on the important factors that affect market growth.
  • Analyze micro markets strategically with respect to personal growth prospects, future prospects, and global market share.
  • Analyze market options for relevant stakeholders and provide competition approval details to market leaders.
  • Forecast the size of the market segments according to the four major regions, notably North America, Europe, Asia, and the RoW region.
  • Profile strategize key players and thoroughly analyze their product portfolios, market positions and key competitions
  • Track and analyze competitive developments such as gains; new production begins; expanding; agreements, friendships, and partnerships; and gains in the Pharmaceutical marketplace.

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Key Market Segments:

Key Market Players:

The Pharmaceutical asset management market is marked by the presence of several big and small players. Prominent players offering Pharmaceutical asset management products include AiRISTA Flow (US), Elpas (US), CenTrak, Inc.(US), ThingMagic [A Novanta Company (US)], Sonitor (Norway), Stanley Pharmaceutical (US), Versus Technology, Inc. (US), Zebra Technologies (US), GE Pharmaceutical (US), and IBM Corporation (US).

By Product:

  • Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) Devices
    • Hardware
      • Tags
        • Passive Tags
          • Low-frequency
          • High-frequency
          • Ultra-high-frequency
        • Active Tags
      • Readers/Interrogators
      • Antennas
      • Accessories
    • Software
    • Services
  • Real-time location systems (RTLS)
    • Hardware
      • Tags/Badges
      • Readers/Interrogators
    • Software
    • Services

By Application:

  • Hospital Asset Management
    • Equipment Tracking and Management
    • Patient Management
    • Temperature and Humidity Control
    • Staff Management
    • Infection Control and Hand Hygiene Compliance
  • Pharmaceutical Asset Management
    • Drug Anti-counterfeiting
    • Supply Chain Management

By Region:

  • North America
    • US
    • Canada
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Rest of the World (RoW)
  • South America

Market Drivers:

There is a need for better material management in hospitals:

Increasing pressure to better manage its existing workflow has forced Pharmaceutical organizations around the world to adopt effective management solutions and technologies. Most health institutions spend a large portion of their budget on tracking hospital equipment. For example, it has been reported that $ 6,000 of state-owned hospital equipment has been lost to Louisiana State University (LSU) hospitals; New equipment purchased from the hospital has also not been well tracked. In this way, the loss of time in searching for lost homes and poor poor management practices can lead to serious consequences. According to a study done by the Nursing Times, more than one percent of nurses spend at least one hour on the device during hospital shifts. This not only affects budgets but also affects the quality of patient care provided as well.

Adoption of home management solutions in the medical industry:

The use of radiofrequency identification (RFID) in the medical industry has increased in recent years. Technology has emerged as a systematic component of supply chain management in the production and distribution of international pharmaceuticals. Distribution of medicines across the Pharmaceutical system is a major risk. Over the years, the number of new drug-related incidents has grown significantly. This can primarily be achieved by pharmacy sales on the Internet. According to the PSI, in 2016, there was a 5% increase in false, stolen, and fraudulent means. There were 3,147 cases reported in 2016 compared to 3,002 cases in 2015 and 2,177 cases in 2014.

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Table of Content:

Chapter One Pharmaceutical Asset Management Overview

Chapter Two Industry Chain Analysis

Chapter Three Market Dynamics of Pharmaceutical Asset Management Industry

Chapter Four North America Market of Pharmaceutical Asset management (2014-2019)

Chapter Five North America Market Forecast (2019-2024)

Chapter Six North America Raw Material Supply Analysis

Chapter Seven North America Pharmaceutical Asset management Consumer Analysis

Chapter Eight Analysis of North America Key Manufacturers (Including Company Profile, SWOT Analysis, Production Information, etc.)

Chapter Nine Research Conclusions of North America Pharmaceutical Asset Management Industry

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