The Kingdom Expressed concerns about disease X and some other major diseases that have caused an uproar in the country, However, what suddenly has hit is a new kind of Ebola-like fever which has caused several important problems since this infection causes death and a significant environment of fear. Thus the latest fever will change the infection and medication situation in the UK.

This Lassa fever has resulted in the death of an unidentified doctor in Sierra Leone, and the health care community has since been suspicious, and hence thousands in the UK and in the Netherlands. Lassa fever is an acute animal or zoonotic viral disease. This is endemic in areas of West Africa, such as Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, and Nigeria. In fact, neighboring countries are at risk because the vector of the Lassa virus is transmitted in the so-called multimamma rat (Mastomys natalensis) all over the world. An estimated 100,000–300,000 cases of Lassa Fever occur every year and about 5,000 people are killed. Monitoring of Lassa fever is not standardized, therefore these numbers are unofficial. It is well known that 10% to 16% of people in certain Sierra Leone and Liberian regions admitted to hospitals every year are infected by Lassa fever, which is the extreme impact of the disease on the region. This is an Ebola-type fever and the physician has been in contact with approximately 15 British and Dutch citizens, who are currently monitoring them, but Public Health England says that the risk of local people becoming infected by the virus is low, with no mass hysterias necessary.

As this new disease hits the UK, a new disease will be added to the list of concerns, even if it does not still affect many people, as the virus remains very uncertain of the spread rate and is unintelligible for the significant effects.