People in the UK concerned after the emergence of Lassa fever

The U.K. has expressed concern about disease X and some other major diseases that have caused major ruckus in the country, but what has suddenly hit is a new type of Ebola-like fever that has been producing some important problems as death is noted due to this infection and along with this there is a significant environment of fear stirred up. The new fever will, therefore, change the situation in the United Kingdom for disease and medicine.

This Lassa fever in Sierra Leone has caused the death of an unknown doctor, and the health community has been skeptical since then and, therefore, dozens are observed in the UK as well as in the Netherlands. Lassa fever is an acute viral disease transmitted by animals or zoonotic diseases. In parts of Western Africa including Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria it is endemic. Neighboring countries are also at risk because the Lassa virus animal vector is spread across the world in the so-called’ multimammate rat’ (Mastomys natalensis). An approximate 100,000-300,000 Lassa Fever infections occur each year and are killed by about 5,000. Lassa fever monitoring is not standardized, so these figures are informal. It is known that 10 to 16 percent of people who are admitted to hospitals each year in certain areas in Sierra Leone and Liberia have Lassa fever, which shows the serious effect of the disease on the region. ¬†This is an ebola type fever and the doctor has been in touch with around 15 British nationals and also some Dutch nationals, and these are currently being monitored, but Public Health England says there is very little risk of local citizens contracting their virus and no mass hysteria is required.

As this new disease reaches the UK, a further illness will be added to the list of worries, even if it still does not affect many people, since this virus is still quite unsure of the rate of dissemination and its significant effects are little understood.