Papillomavirus Connected With More Aggressive Form Of Cervical Cancer

Cancer is the most deadly and worst disease that has ever affected human beings. This disease comes in many forms and can affect almost any tissue in the human body. One of the rare types of cancer yet aggressive is cervical cancer. It is well-known for being very aggressive and having the lack of treatment.

However, a recent study has been conducted by a team of scientists from the Hospital Clinic and the University of Barcelona which shows that cervical cancer will be more aggressive and severe if papillomavirus is not detected in the patient. This shows a direct connection between the cancer and the virus that is yet to be understood fully.

The study was led by Jaume Ordi who is a researcher and pathologist in ISGlobal. He commented on the results obtained saying, “These results confirm previous studies by our group, with smaller samples. The new study confirms that HPV-negative tumors represent a more aggressive type of cancer with worse prognosis, which must be considered for the clinical management of these patients.

The study included the use of 214 women participants who suffer from cervical cancer. The study shows that 10% of these women did not suffer from VPH. These women show a more aggressive form of the cervical cancer. The patients were obtained from data from 2012 and 2015. The tests were conducted using very rare and complicated test that forms with amplification of molecular data.