Novel Digital Documentation Series unveiled by Gale on Public Health

A Cengage firm, Gale, is launching the first part of its novel Public Health Archives series. This installment will be examining the history of public health systems, as well as, policy debates of America during the twentieth century. This digital collection will be helpful for the researchers and scholars as it provides access to thousands of unique & rare resources which discover and profoundly explore how evolution in the health care took place in the United States with time, shedding light on the important impact of the public health policy on the experience by America.

Public Health was created by Gale in modern America so that the lack of narratively engrossed content can be addressed on the aspects of economics, society, as well as, public policies of America’s public health history. While there are many collections of digital medical history, there is provision only by Public Health in Modern America of the key, making connections with the present state of affairs with the immediate past as there is continuity of fight over the future of America’s public health care.

Public Health in Modern America accounts the numerous public health concerns that came into state starting in the late 19th century and the responses of the private and public sectors in the US by means of correspondence surveys, reports, press releases, policy statements and much more.

It records the evolution of public health policies, legislation, and campaigns at national, local, and federal levels, unlocking a window for the researchers onto the roles played by primary organizations, as well as, individuals to advance public health practices and results. In particular, this documentation is informative on the effects of twentieth-century industrialization and the urbanization, effects of the medical legislation at numerous levels and the growth of the public health advocacy.