Northwestern Medicine adds $2.95M radiation treatment machine

Northwestern Medicine has completed a $9.5 million growth project at its Sage Cancer Center, situated at the McHenry hospital.

The 10,000-square-foot addition includes a distended lounge, new house for patient consults with inflated audio-visual capabilities and a replacement radiation treatment vault equipped with a progressive,

$2.95 million dollars linear accelerators used for radiation treatments.

“We are able to provide a patient the treatment nearer to home which is better,” said the medical director of radiation medical specialty at Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital.

The new technology in meeting rooms can afford a patient’s treatment team to discuss with specialists throughout the medical system to return up with a treatment set up for the person. this implies that patients won’t have to be compelled to create the trip to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago for a specialist opinion on their case.

The linear accelerator produces the X-rays used to treat cancer. Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital’s linear accelerator is found using a space called the “vault” that is a clean, modern-looking house with 6-foot-thick lead and concrete walls to shield folks outside the space from the radiation the machine emits.

The accelerator could be a TrueBeam radiation system whole, created by Varian Medical Systems.

Most significantly, the machine provides the foremost advanced radiation technology on the market.

Doctors and alternative technicians will pinpoint the position of a cancerous tumour, and also the accelerator will hone in on the cancerous space solely, which saves alternative very important tissue near and helps cut back long-run facet effects from the radiation.

The accelerator can also change the dose of radiation because it rotates to form certain the cancerous tumours receive high-dose beams and benign tissue doesn’t get damaged.