New Treatment For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. It affects breast cells in women and have different complications. For early stages of breast cancer it can be treated by removing the tumor and chemotherapy. However, it gets really hard to treat it at some points and it will commonly come back to the patient. This is what encourages teams to research better treatments that are more efficient.

A new study was conducted by a team of scientists who were hoping to help the 1.7 million women worldwide who get affected by cancer every year. The team from the University of Zurich led by Johanna Wagner, were able to work and in hand with IBM Research in Rüschlikon and the Patients’ Tumor Bank of Hope leader Marianna Rapsomaniki.

Their study focused on digesting cells from breast cancer and understanding how they work; gaining more details. They were able to obtain and decode millions of cells from over 140 patients. The study helped them understand how the disease woks and in turn found a better treatment than the currently available options.

Dr. Wagner commented on the results saying, “Using this technology we were able to examine the diversity of cancer cells very precisely and describe how many different types of cancer cells are present in a tumor. Every tumor we looked at was unique in terms of its cellular composition, which varied from patient to patient. This could be one of the reasons why we’re having such difficulty treating breast cancer”