New Oral Drug Lowering Cholesterol Levels Safer Than Statins

High cholesterol levels in the body can cause many problems to your cardiovascular system. The complications can lead to heart problems or even can be fatal. This is why statins are used, which is a drug that lowers cholesterol levels in the body. However, some patients are unable to use statins due to their conditions and other health factors.

This has inspired a team of researchers from Imperial College London’s School of Public Health, led by Professor Kausi Ray to find an alternative medicine for lowering cholesterol levels. This included the use of a new class of oral drug that does not have the side effects accompanied with the use of statins.

The results of the study was very effective and was proved to be safe. It is not yet approved in Europe, but will be really soon. The study used a total of 2200 patients and the results were published in the journal of New England Journal of Medicine.

The oral drug did not have any negative effects on the heart as was expected and is seen through statins use. Dr. Kausi stated, “We know that reducing your cholesterol levels is key to cutting the risk of heart attack and stroke, particularly if you already have established heart disease. Our latest study shows that bempedoic acid could be another addition to the arsenal of cholesterol-lowering treatments available to patients. What we have is a new class of drug that could be given to patients who are already taking statins and could help them to further reduce their cholesterol levels and thus potentially cut their risk of heart attacks and strokes.”